Fire and Steel: Bushcraft Course for Kids

28 October 2020, 10:00 - 15:00 ( Add to calendar )

This half-term session aims to give 8- to 14-year-olds a taste of bushcraft and outdoor skills in starting and managing fire and learning to use a knife safely. Under the expert tuition of Wychwood Project staff and volunteers children will learn how to: 

  • collect tinder and fire-starting material from nature, 
  • explore different ways of starting a fire, 
  • keep fire burning safely,
  • split logs safely,  
  • carve and whittle with a knife,
  • use saws, a shave-horse and a drawknife safely, 
  • forage for hazel rods to carve, 
  • make fire sticks and marshmallow forks.

To remain COVID-safe, numbers will be limited to eight children, physical distancing will be observed, tools and equipment will not be shared and hand-sanitisation will be available. All activities will take place outdoors.

What to bring

  • Children should be dressed warmly with a raincoat, hat and with stout footwear for outdoors conditions. 
  • Children should bring their own drinks, snacks and lunch. To remain COVID-safe, no food or drink will be provided as part of the course (so please feel free to provide marshmallows for your children to cook over the fire). 
  • Parents and carers are welcome to join the children and tutors at the end of the session at 3pm to warm food they bring around the fire. 
  • Full joining instructions will be sent out before the course. 

Registration Type

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Standard Registration

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